Admissions Criteria


If you have any queries regarding enrolment, please contact - Primary School Liaison Teacher 

For pupils transferring into Years, other than Year 8, please consult the Principal.

The school admissions number will be 135.  The following admissions criteria have been formulated by the Board of Governors of Larne High School.  The criteria will be applied in the order set out below:

For Year 8 Pupils i.e. those Transferring from Primary to Secondary School: 

1. Pupils and parents/guardians who agree to accept and have signed the School Charter drawn up between the school and the parents/guardians.

The school places much importance on the relationship between home and school as a means of maintaining high standards of work and behaviour.  Copies of the Charter are available during the Transfer Evening and on request by contacting the school.  Completed forms must be returned directly to the school prior to the Easter break.

2. Pupils who have a brother or sister currently enrolled in the school.  (See Note 1)

3. Pupils, who at the date of completion of the Transfer Form, are living within the Larne Borough area, for whom this is the nearest school.

4. Pupils who demonstrate a positive attitude to work, behaviour and attendance at Primary School.

5. Pupils attending Primary Schools outside the Larne area which have traditionally transferred pupils to LarneHigh School.

6. Pupils who have a relative who has successfully undertaken a course of study at LarneHigh School.  (See Note 1)

Note 1 It is important to clearly indicate any of the above relationships on the transfer 


We hope to make the transfer from primary to post-primary education as smooth as possible for pupils and their parents.

We are aware, that for many, the thought of transferring can be daunting.  By taking the following steps we hope that pupils will be reassured that we understand, and will do all we can to make sure that when September arrives, they will be able to make a confident start in their new school, with most of their questions answered.