Year 8 Book Fair Competition

Year 8 Book Fair Literacy & ICT Competition

                        Win a £5.00 voucher towards a book of your choice at this year’s Book Fair

Answer the question using the drop-down list. When you have answered all 10 questions type your name and class at the bottom of the page and give your completed sheet to Mrs McAuley (Library Assistant) or Mr Kernohan (Library Co-ordinator)

1. Which of these words is not   a verb?  
  2. What letter pattern does an adverb usually finish with?  
  3. What type of word is a "describing word"  
  4. Which is the odd one out?  
  5. Which of these is not a preposition?  
  6. What do you call a word that describes "how you do   something"?  
  7. What tense is this sentence in - "I am writing on the   board?"  
  8. Which of these words is the odd one out?  
  9. Which of these words comes first in a dictionary?  
10. What type of book would   you use if you were looking for different  words that all mean the same thing?  


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Competition closes on Wednesday 12th October

You will need access to a school computer & printer to complete the competition, why not visit the Library at lunch and complete it? The answer file is located in Fronter under Book Fair tab.

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