School Counselling

What is counselling within Larne High School?

A supportive and confidential space to talk about your thoughts and feelings. Somewhere to clear your head and help you think about your choices.

What is the difference between Pupil Support and Counselling?

Pupil Support is a school based counselling service for pupils with certain needs which can be dealt with by teachers within the confines of the school building.

When needs become more complexed and we have to seek specialised help the pupil is then referred on to New Life Counselling Services which is an independent counselling service for schools.


What is said to the counsellor is private.  However if a counsellor is worried about the safety of someone, they may need to seek further support.

Why counselling?

Young people choose counselling for lots of different reasons:

Problems at school.

Difficulties at home.

They may be feeling hurt, sad, or down.

Someone they care about may have died.

They may be self-harming or have eating concerns.

There may be drug or alcohol issues.


How do pupils within Larne High School get to see a counsellor?

Speak to the Key Contact in the school.

Speak with the Year Head or any teacher they feel comfortable with.

Speak to the counsellor directly.

Use the self-referral box in school.

What will happen next?

The key contact in school will see the pupil and discuss if they would like to see the school pupil support teacher or the New Life Counsellor.

An appointment will then be arranged as soon as possible.

While waiting to see the counsellor or between sessions, if the pupil requires more support they are encouraged to contact:  Childline or LifeLine - available 24/7.