Child Protection

Designated Child Protection Teacher – Mrs P Turner

Designated Deputy Child Protection Teacher – Mr G Hawe

School Mission Statement 

Larne High School provides a secure, caring, happy learning environment where everyone is valued, respected and committed to working together to achieve success in preparation for a changing world.

Our Mission Statement forms the basis for everything we do in Larne High School.

Our primary concern is for the welfare and safety of our pupils. Every child has his/her own unique talents and abilities and we aim to provide a learning environment where these can be developed to their full potential.

The purpose of our Child Protection Policy is to ensure that each and every person who works in our school, teaching and non-teaching staff, has a clear understanding of the procedures that are to be followed if abuse or neglect is suspected.  We can assure parents/guardians that the issue of abuse will not be ignored by anyone who is employed in our school.  Teachers are trained in the normal development of children and are, therefore, ideally placed to recognize abnormal or changed behaviour.  However, an abused child may seek out a neutral, trusted figure to talk to about their problems and so it is important that all adults, including classroom assistants and lunch supervisors are familiar with procedures for dealing with child abuse.  These people are also well placed to observe changes in a pupil’s appearance and behaviour, although we recognize that these symptoms may be due to something other than abuse.  

Younger pupils may also confide in older students, so they too should be aware of what to do if such a situation occurred.