Merit System


The Merit system in LarneHigh school is designed to promote positive behaviour.  Pupils can be awarded Merits for a number of reasons (see below) and can redeem them at various times of the year.  Some of the potential prizes are listed below.

Additionally, prizes can vary depending on the season. For example, in the run up to Easter last year, pupils could redeem their merits for Easter Eggs.

What new this year?

In an effort to encourage pupils to have 100% attendance each month, a new incentive is being launched.  For every month that a pupil has 100% attendance they will receive a token.  The pupil with the most tokens a the end of the year will win a brand new Mountain Bike.

(In the event that 2 pupils have the same amount of tokens, Merits will then be used as a means of deciding).



No of Merits





Button Badge








Colouring Pencils


Bronze Badge Award


Page Tags




Nail File




Pen Pot






Silver Badge Award




Green Pen Drive


Leather Pen Drive


Laptop Bag


Gold Badge Award


Suggested Guidance for Merits:

  • Attendance at open day
  • Good Ambassador for the School
  • Continuous good behaviour
  • Reaching termly targets as set by subject teacher
  • Significant improvement
  • Commitment to Extra Curricular Activities
  • Top of Class in Mid Term Assessments or class test
  • Exceptional Prefect Duties
  • Pupils in School Show or other public events
  • Helping at parents evening
  • Excellent Uniform presentation
  • Kindness to a member of staff, other pupil, member of the community.